There's so much more to a candle beyond the scent

Unwind & Unravel

A candle has the power to ignite its own individual story. Whether it be that of a person, place, or past experience, let’s Unravel that very feeling of nostalgia — together. 

100% Natural Soy Wax

We consciously chose to use soy wax because it is natural and non-toxic. It burns much cleaner than other waxes such as paraffin (which is used by larger well-known companies). This means our candles are better for you and the environment!


Ode to My Childhood

With fresh notes of Honeysuckle and Jasmine, this aroma is a company favorite. 

Creator's Note: This scent carries me back to my grandmother's house in the small town of Palestine, Texas. When checking the mailbox, you were destined to be kissed with fresh summer air and the scent of the blooming honeysuckle bush ahead of the porch. With an enticing natural scent in the air, incredibly loud katydids, and the blaring sounds of a local train speeding past the house, these elements were the staple of my summers.


Bridesmaid Gift Box

As the bride is busy with the details of her very special day, bridesmaids are a very important factor in making a wedding both memorable and stress-free.

For those in your life that mean the most, let Unraveled Gifts create the perfect custom bridesmaid proposal - certain to put a smile on their faces and eliminate the hassle in finding the perfect way to pop the big question!



Find us at local Pop Up Shops in Houston and be on the lookout for our candle making classes!